I am Gabriele Lase, the technician you will be working with if you choose to book an appointment, so I figured you would like to know a little about me first!

As a child I had many ambitions, I wanted to be a teacher, a policewoman and a beautician! These strong goals have influenced me and made me the woman I am today and I am happy to say I became qualified in all of those areas.

I achieved a Bachelors Degree in Art and Technologies, a Master Degree in Law and Management and I am now a beautician! I started in 2012 with a company called BioEvolution with whom I spent 4 years and achieved a prestige master qualification, developing my skills and finding my own techniques.

In 2017, I changed to Biotek, the world leader in permanent makeup technology and technique. In this ever-growing industry there is always more to learn, which is why I am always taking new courses and even taking part in important conferences.

I adore my job as a makeup artist too, I love to see the smile on my beautiful clients’ faces after their look is complete, and after I tell them it will last 24-48 hours! I use top brands, such as MAC, Nyx, and Urban Decay.

I even offer 1-2-1 lessons and beauty seminars (up to 4 people) so you can learn how to prepare, apply and transform your makeup, from a day look into stunning evening makeup. These lessons are a great opportunity for you to obtain useful tips and experience.

At LASEGA STUDIO, our fully qualified Level 4 micro-pigmentation technician is able to provide the following services:

Lips - Contour, blush or full colouration.

Eyebrows - Ombre, mixed technique, full colour, hair-strokes including microblading.

Eyeliner- Classic eyeliner, latino or eyeliner with eyelash imitation, fillings (infills in lash line, which gives you fuller lash line look), eyelids shading.

Other enhancements- Such as a beauty spot or freckles and permanent Makeup and tattoo removal.