Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup, or micro-pigmentation, is a revolutionary beauty treatment used to enhance eyes, brows and lips to give a natural finish that imitates perfectly applied makeup.

The effect is achieved by infusing hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer (upper layer) of the skin. The result can be as subtile or dramatic as you wish, to give along lasting look that enhances your natural beauty.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions and couldn’t find the right answer?

*Do you dream about wearing make-up that will stay – whatever the weather?

*Do you find cosmetics fiddly and time consuming, and wish you could jump out of bed with perfect features?

If answer is YES, then a semi-permanent makeup treatment can help to transform your life and daily beauty regime. It will last up to 5 years (depending on your body), won't wipe off, and you will look beautiful all day, every day. Though, colour boosts are recommended!

We hope you now have an insight into how micro-pigmentation can benefit you. The next step is to call or email to arrange a consultation and see the results for yourself.

*Occasionally a second application of pigment is needed in order to achieve the desired result. Most procedures are done after applying an anaesthetic to the skin. After the initial procedure, control treatment will be required, but not until 4-8 weeks after.*