Affordable expert waxing without the expensive city centre prices, why pay more for your waxing than you need to? (10% discount off all of our body and bikini waxing when you have two or more areas waxed). Lasega Studio waxing therapist have many years of experience doing specialist waxing every day so you are in safe hands with us. Waxing of ANY area of the body, bikini or face is our speciality, with Hollywood and Brazilian wax being our most popular and requested treatment in the salon. We have the widest treatment list choice for female body and bikini wax of any waxing salon in Milton Keynes (as you can see below there is nothing that can't be waxed by us!).

Bodyworks technician Maria Suhova has over 10 years experience of waxing day in day out. Please don't be embarrassed because we certainly aren't, if there are hairs you want rid of then WE ARE YOUR SALON - WE LOVE TO WAX!!

  • First time clients get 50% off your first visit to us if you mention this offer when booking, and another 20% if you return within six weeks!
  • NEW OFFER: pay for five waxing treatments and receive your sixth HALF PRICE! (must be the same treatment eg five bikini waxes or five half leg waxes etc - Pre paid)
  • Please arrive five minutes early for your first waxing appointment to fill in a record card and please always arrive on time for every appointment after that or we might not be able to treat you.Thank you for your understanding.

IMPORTANT: NEW TO WAXING?- please give us two to three weeks hair growth after shaving, Thank you.

ALSO, Please avoid anything which involves heat or friction for up to 24 hours after a wax to prevent skin rashes. Eg; hot water, chlorine, sauna, jacuzzi, gym. Also no body lotions, shower gels or fake tan on the area waxed.


Can i have a bikini wax whilst i am on my period?

Yes! no need to cancel as long as you use a tampon and are clean.

Can i have a wax whilst pregnant?

Yes you certainly can although your skin may be slightly more sensitive.

Does your Brazilian wax remove all hair from the labia and bottom crack?

YES!! we do an authentic Brazilian wax which just leaves a strip of hair on the pubic bone. Many other salons claim they do Brazilian wax but actually it is a Thong/G String wax so please be aware of the difference when choosing where to book.

Is there anything i can do at home to help prevent ingrown hairs?

Absolutely, and its much cheaper and easier than you may think! We recommend to use exfoliating gloves with shower gel on the area one week after waxing every time you shower to gently exfoliate dead skin cells so that the hairs come through the skin easier.

Bikini Wax Etiquette

We understand that sometimes if you are calling us from work to make your appointment for a bikini or other wax you might not want to say the words Brazilian or Hollywood wax so with this in mind we have coded all of our waxing treatments so please refer to them by their code if you would prefer, eg Brazilian wax is B5. Please arrive clean and fresh out of courtesy to us Thank you, we do however appreciate that if you are coming straight from work or Uni you won't have time for a shower so we provide intimate wipes for you to freshen up for your convenience. We also provide paper thongs for Brazilian and Hollywood etc waxing for your modesty, but don’t worry, we will still do the most thorough of waxes in a slightly more discreet way. Most of our clients prefer this technique and often comment that they feel more comfortable than having to be completely naked down below. All of our intimate bikini waxes also include the bottom crack if required. We strive to make your waxing treatment with us the least painful, most thorough, quick and pleasant experience possible. Below are examples of some of our bikini waxes, other bikini waxes we do are variations of these. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our intimate waxing so give us a try!

At the moment Waxing treatments are pre-bookable and only available on Sundays!


F1 - Lip, chin or sides of face 10 mins            £7
F2 - Lip and chin 15 mins £10
F3 - Lip, chin and sides of face 20 mins                      £15
L1 - Half legs lower (inc. feet & toes and knees) 20 mins £15
L2 - Half legs upper (does not include bikini line, please ask to add it on with 10% discount) 20 mins £15
L3 - Three Quarter Legs, or half legs and back of thighs 30 mins £20
L4 - Full Legs (inc. feet & toes) 40 mins £25
L5 - Underarms 10 mins £15
L6 - Back of thighs/lower back/nipples 10 mins £7
L7 - Full stomach 15 mins £12
L8- Tummy line 5 mins £5
L9 - Full Buttocks 15 mins £12
L10 - Full Buttocks and bottom crack 20 mins £15
L11 - Forearms (inc. hands/fingers) 15 mins £15
L12 - Full arms (as above) 30 mins £20
L13 - Female full back 25 mins £18
B1 - Standard bikini line wax (knicker line) 10 mins £12
B2 - Extended bikini line wax (inside knicker line and strip from top) 15 mins £15
B3 - Thong/G-string bikini wax (narrow strip all the way down inc. stray bottom hairs/crack if required) - without bottom hairs £18                       
20 mins £20
B4 - French wax (triangle above, all off below) 25 mins £24
B5 - Brazilian wax (1 inch strip, all off below) 25 mins £24
B6 - Playboy wax (short strip) 25 mins £24
B7 - California wax (thin strip) 25 mins £24
B8 - Hollywood/Full bikini 30 mins £24
B9 - Ibiza wax (full buttocks and bum crack) 15 mins £16
B10 - Marbella wax (full buttocks) 10 mins £12
B11 - Female Full Body Wax - includes full arms, full legs, underarms and Hollywood. 110 mins £75